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Links List in Sports/Cycling

Cycling Holidays and Training Camps in the Northern French Alps


we specialize in providing fully supported cycling holidays & cycling training camps in the northern French Alps. From our base in Meribel we have access to some of the world's most spectacular cycling routes. Our rides will include many of the legendary climbs made famous by the Tour de France.

Mountain Biking Downhill Guide


Downhill, freeride and dirt jumping mountain bike info. Advice on safety and maintenance of bikes also provided.

A Bikers Wedding


The TRAIL or the WIFE? Join us as we contemplate devotion to family and the call of the road. Open moderated forum.



Site about professional cycling in Spanish, with news, analysis, interviews...

www.usacycling.org -- The Official Website of USA Cycling


The United States' cycling organization

Cyclelogical Newcastle


Bike shop in Newcastle upon Tyne with a comprehensive range of bikes, components and accessories. Shimano and Cytech certified staff.

British Cycling


The internationally recognised governing body of cycle sport in the UK

MegaSport - Bike Shop


Has a big number of bikes, for rent or sale, with different classes and models to provide you pleasant rides or radical bike tours with your family.

Colorado Cyclist


Offering bicycle parts for road or mountain bikes. Enormous selection, incredible prices.

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